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Is tongue and groove hardwood flooring important?

You'll often hear "tongue and groove" when considering wood floors in Fargo, ND. It is a technique that enhances the beauty and performance of hardwood flooring.

A traditional tongue and groove

A solid hardwood installation utilizes the traditional tongue and groove. Look closely at the planks, and you'll see there's a side with a protrusion and one with a slot.

The planks are joined together, forming one surface, which is then nailed to the subfloor.

Enhancing function

This technique creates very tight seams. However, with good coating, it can even increase water resistance. Please note: This pertains only to on-site coating, not pre-finished.

The tongue and groove technique of solid wood flooring requires minimal nailing. As a result, there are no rough edges or protruding nails like in decades past. Not only can protruding nails be unsightly, but there's the safety issue of possibly stepping on them.

Cousins, but not similar

Some use those words to describe floating floors. Although similar, they have the clicking or fold-and-lock mechanism. The pieces click, mat, and hover over the subfloor without nails or glue.

Natural, long-lasting beauty

No one can ever doubt the allure of wood floors. They add charm and warmth to any space and are versatile to work with any decor.

Hardwood flooring also comes with many benefits, including easy care and cost-effectiveness; not only do they last for decades, but they usually only need refinishing to regain their luster.

They?re also known for adding the most value to a property. If you plan on selling, prospective buyers will also pay up to 2.5% more for a home with wood floors.

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