Four benefits of hardwood floors

Four benefits of hardwood floors

The elegance alone is reason enough to want wood flooring; it can uplevel any space with its rich, warm, fashionable look and classic good looks and is versatile enough to look great with any decor from the most traditional atmospheres to contemporary, California coastal and cottage decor. Of course, there are many more benefits. However, that can make solid hardwood flooring the best choice for you.

Species style

When you come into our hardwood flooring company, you'll see hundreds of species, both domestic and exotic. If you want the more contemporary look of white oak with its mineral streaks or the small grain patterns and red undertones of red oak, there is something for everyone. You can also find a rich, brown-red color and striped appearance mahogany; or the blazing red drama of Brazilian cherry look.

Long-lasting beauty

Hardwood floors last for decades, some even up to 100 years. Like a fine wine, these floors look better with age, gaining character and sometimes even developing patinas that give them an aged, antiqued look. If, however, they start to look dull or excessively scratched to you, a hardwood refinishing is usually all it takes to bring them back to their original luster.

They add value to a property

You'll see this in two ways. First, you'll recoup 80% or more, as reflected in your home value. A home that was initially worth $300K could become $316K. Second, if you're planning to sell, know that potential buyers will often pay 2.5% over the asking price for a home with wood floors.

Two constructions

Some want both beauty and practicality, and engineered wood floors, with their different construction, are more stable and better able to handle water. While both versions look similar on the surface, whether you want hickory, maple, or whatever your species of choice is, engineered floors have a layered construction underneath with genuine wood combined with a bit of resin and placed in a crosswise position.

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