Flooring installation


Carpet World Fargo flooring installation prevents costly damage and ensures long lasting beauty

Flooring installation by experienced professionals is your best option to protect your manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee high quality results. Carpet World Fargo knows that the installation of new flooring represents a sizable investment. We also know that our Fargo area homeowners don’t need the time delays and extra costs that come from a poor installation. Carpet World Fargo provides affordable professional flooring installation for tile, hardwood, carpet, laminate and other flooring products. You can always depend upon our experienced installers to work quickly and complete your new floors correctly. Our installation specialists have many years of on-site experience and are licensed and insured according to North Dakota state standards. Customer service to your satisfaction is our primary concern. When you need a bit of help or just to have a question answered, a Carpet World Fargo consultant will be there to provide an answer or advice.

Flooring installation requires expert attention

Flooring installation should preferably be done by trained professionals if you want the high-quality result that your investment deserves. For one thing, it should be done to accommodate the specific flooring products that you have chosen and the environment within your home. For example, the humidity level and the conditions of your sub-floor will definitely affect the way your installation should be done. When Carpet World Fargo professionals do the work, it will prevent damage and other unneeded issues from occurring. These can include floors that lift up from the sub-floor, warping, degrading, or cracking. Perhaps equally important, installation done by professionals also guarantees that your manufacturer’s warranty won’t be voided. We perform installation for a variety of flooring products including hardwood, tile, carpet, and more. Hardwood requires time to acclimate to the humidity levels inside the room prior to installation. This acclimation period prevents the hardwood from swelling up and lifting or warping. Tile requires the proper setting material to make sure that excess moisture doesn’t make the plaster remain damp and allow the tiles to move. The installer must avoid cracking the edges of the tiles. Carpeting should be properly matched up with a good quality pad and correctly attached to the sub-floor for long-lasting results.



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Flooring installation by trained professionals

Every Carpet World Fargo installer has been trained in the most up-to-date installation procedures which vary from product-to-product. Insurance is in place to protect your new floors and your home if something becomes damaged. It also ensures that you get what you paid for. If we should overlook something, we will return and fix it without charging. You deserve the best results possible for your money and we are dedicated to seeing that you are completely satisfied.

We provide the best quality flooring installation for carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate and more. Carpet World Fargo also offers the best price to our customers in Fargo-Moorhead, The Red River Valley of ND, Lakes Country of MN. Call today for a consultation and quote, or visit us in our showroom in Fargo at your convenience to discuss your flooring installation needs with our experts in person.