Here are some facts about luxury vinyl flooring

Here are some facts about luxury vinyl flooring

It's not unusual to hear this question: ?Why is everyone talking about luxury vinyl flooring??

The answer is simple: It provides the most value per decorating dollar. In addition, it addresses every flooring need on the planet.
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Your imagination only limits you

You can find something to suit any decor, from the most traditional to modern, urban chic, mid-century, California coastal, and more.

Images of wood, stone, and tile are taken digitally. Modern technology, such as micro-beveling and embossing, adds depth, dimension, and textured looks.

Here?s the show-stopper: The material can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood boards (called luxury vinyl plank or LVP flooring).

Alternatively, it can be cut into square, groutable tile-sized pieces that can be used with or without grout (LVT flooring).

Waterproof durability?it can handle kids, pets, etc.

Luxury vinyl flooring is impervious to liquid, whether submerged or spilled on. It's layered, five times thicker than the original product, with a top robust wear layer.

"Wear layers" protect the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents. It also helps with waterproofing, keeping spills from absorbing.
At the very top is a clear urethane finish. That adds extra strength and shine.

Come into our showroom to see gorgeous designs when shopping for luxury vinyl flooring in Fargo, ND.

And if that isn?t enough

LVT and LVP flooring is low maintenance, needing only regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Installation, too, is uncomplicated, especially when it's a floating floor.

When a floor floats, pieces click, mat, and hover over the subfloor without adhesives. We also do glue-down or loose lay; the latter?s similar to a floating floor, but there's no clicking mechanism. Instead, the pieces are placed on the floor and held by traction.

Fargo?s top luxury vinyl flooring source

You'll see some terrific luxury vinyl flooring designs at Carpet World Fargo. They include designs like Manhattan Marble by Happy Feet or Timeless Structure-45 Degree (a wood look) by Congoleum.

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