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Texture carpet: Facts you should know

Texture has a lot to do with a carpet's style and function. It also gives a rug that soft, warm feeling that we all find so appealing.
There are a lot from which to choose, but not all textures work in every installation. So, much of it will come down to your needs and style.

Read on to learn about the various carpet textures.

Looped textures start it all

All rugs start as uncut fibers threaded, much like a needlepoint action. This is called a loop pile. (Pile refers to how the yarns are attached to the backing.)

Looped piles include Berbers and level loops. They are highly durable and maybe even stain-resistant; those short, tightly woven fibers keep spills on top.

Berbers are available in many fibers, but the most common association is with olefin (polypropylene). Olefin is durable, stain-resistant, and budget-friendly.

The cut-piles

The yarns either remain as loops or are cut into various heights. For example, at our carpet store, you'll see everything from patterned loops to Saxony and high, medium, and low piles.

These include:

1.Basic cut-piles that work well with all foot traffic levels.

2.High-pile rugs with long, loose fibers like the shag; are best for low-traffic areas.

3.Frieze with longer fibers (but not as long as the shag) that are twisted so tightly they curl. This rug is ideal for family rooms.
4.Low-pile rugs are durable and easy to clean.

5.Saxony is a medium pile in two versions: plush and textured. Ask our staff about the difference when shopping for carpet in Fargo, ND.

6.Cut and loops with various fiber heights that create patterns. It's durable and ideal for any surface.

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