What lifespan options are there with laminate flooring?

What lifespan options are there with laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring has long been considered an affordable, attractive alternative to genuine wood. These days it's only getting better, with more vibrant and accurate images, textured looks, and increased color variations.

Quality matters when it comes to durability. Good quality laminate lasts up to 30 years. While you can get lower quality, that lifespan is significantly shorter.

Here are some tips on increasing the laminate's lifespan.

Pay attention to the AC rating

AC (Abrasion Criteria) is a rating system that indicates a laminate's strength levels. The best way to judge aesthetics and strength is to visit our showroom when shopping for laminate flooring in Fargo, ND.

AC Rating is a one-to-six system that, as the numbers increase, so does the strength.?

For example, AC1 indicates wall use only, while AC3 is an excellent rating for homes. AC4 is for heavy residential use or light commercial applications and so on.?

Buy the best you can afford

You can get thinner surfaces, but they will only last for a short time. A more robust surface is stronger, less noisy, and even offers more design options?it's easier to carve on a thick surface than a thin one.

Take care of it

All versions, including the new-to-market waterproof laminate flooring, are low maintenance.

They require periodic TLC, however. Laminate should be dusted or dry mopped daily to get rid of dirt and sand; damp mop every two months.

Avoid beater bars in vacuums, and don't use abrasive tools or cleaners. Cleaning agents should be marked as appropriate for use on laminate.

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