We all may purchase tools and home improvement products from the big box stores because they have a good selection, reasonable prices and because it is convenient. But what about buying floor covering from a big box retailer? Is it worth buying it… especially when they toss around promises like cheap or “free installation”?
Locally owned flooring dealers like Carpet World have the luxury of hiring and keeping some of the best installers and build long-term and solid working relationships. In return for steady work from us, these seasoned installers enjoy having their schedule (and paycheck) steady and stable month after month, year after year. It's a win-win scenario for them and for us too.
Box stores generally resource out all their carpet installations to independently owned installation companies.  They could be seasoned veterans… or perhaps not. This means that you have no way of knowing in advance who is going to install your carpet and who they may represent until they show up at your door. And who is going to stand behind you if there is an issue. There are some wonderful installers out there. And some installers are better at one style of installation over another. Box stores usually work off an installers list found at the service desk. At Carpet World, we match our installer’s ability with the project at hand.
Installing residential flooring can be tricky, time consuming and requires many years of training and attention to detail. Beware when someone says they will do the labor intensive work FREE – or at a small charged rate. It’s possible you could be charged more for padding or almost anything else in the fine print. Let’s use an example: The fine print says the "basic installation" is FREE (or a low priced special). Then do not be surprised when YOUR carpet installation is not considered "basic". You then get tacked on hefty extra fees and charges. It’s in the fine print. But even if you read it, you certainly didn’t think it would happen to you or you wouldn’t have agreed to it in the first place.  Does ‘basic installation’ include removing the old flooring, its disposal, hauling away or recycling? Tack strips if needed? What if doorways or steps are involved? Are these all covered as ‘basic’? And we are just scratching the surface. If you don’t see fine print, ASK!
At Carpet World, we personally know our installers and our flooring distributors.  Remember, box stores usually work off an installers list found at the service desk. They may schedule someone or hand you the list to contact someone yourself. Sometimes when there is a problem ‘after’ the installation, the fault is not always of the installer. Make sure you know who you’ve got in your corner in the event of a problem.
Big box stores may also say they charge for measuring but will absorb the fee if you agree to buy new carpet and padding from them. That sounds good too, right? At Carpet World, we provide FREE in-home measurements. In our opinion, measuring should be a free service and not an extra fee.
Some homeowners are very happy with their flooring purchase from a big box store. That’s great - for THEM. But what about you?
At Carpet World, we invite you to shop around beyond the lower price or FREE installation promise from the big box stores. Compare the style flooring in price and ask your sale person about specific needs in your home that may differ from your neighbor. Are pets and children taken into account for the type of flooring you are looking for? How about exposure to the sun and other elements?
You will be using your flooring every day under varying conditions. You want comfy carpets, durable laminates and easy to clean tiles. Yes, these wear out eventually over time. But in the meantime, when the product is installed correctly, it stands the test of time better. And that means a happier experience for you.
Shop around. Major purchases shouldn’t be decided by fine print promises.